Sweet Potato: Defender Against PSL

(Read in movie trailer voice): In a world where Pumpkin Spice Lattes had taken over the Fall seasonal flavors of coffeeshops, one cafe stood alone. That cafe was Wholeshot Coffee. Wholeshot Coffee had not yet been overrun by the Pumpkin Spice. With Fall right around the corner, the baristas gathered trying to find any way to keep the Pumpkin Spice out of the cafe. Just then, Matt jumped up and said "I've GOT it!" He ran to the kitchen and started dicing and slicing and cooking and mixing. Half an hour later he emerged with a bottle of an orange colored substance in his hands. He ran to the espresso machine and whipped up a latte. Quick as a flash, he threw some of the orange substance into the latte. It immediately starting glowing and everyone wanted one. What was the orange substance you ask? The greatest defender against Pumpkin Spice-Sweet Potato. Thus, the Sweet Potato Latte was born. This new and exciting Fall drink that calls Wholeshot Coffee it's home can be found all throughout the Fall Season.